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Fictionally Asked Questions

What does ‘Unspeak’ mean? Is it the same as spin, or doublespeak, or Newspeak?
Please read the extract from the book’s Introduction, which explains the idea in detail.

Who are you anyway?
My other website has an About page.

Why should I buy your book?
You don’t have to! But the material in the book is not on this blog, as the book came first. Unspeak also has that lovely paper feel; the print is pretty legible, and it smells quite nice. Have a look at the extracts to get more of an idea of what it’s like.

Why don’t you do a blog post about such-and-such a subject?
Email me and maybe I will!

Will you come to our festival/do a talk/be interviewed on our radio programme?
Very possibly. Email me.

Will you write something for us?
Very possibly. Not for free.

What is your comment policy?
See here.

What is your privacy policy?
Simple: your email address and other identifying information will never be passed to anyone else. The site also sets cookies to track usage patterns with web-statistics analysis programs, for my own information. Nothing that could identify you will ever be passed to anyone else either, but if you still don’t like it, you can always set your browser to decline the cookies.


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