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Huge beer orgies

A useful synonym

Doubtless there have been many nasty Unspeaky things said by politicians this week, but now and then one wants to emphasise the positive side of language use. So I found the following obituary of a California barman heartwarming:

Jack Macpherson earned a permanent niche in the history of Southern California beach culture, thanks to the loosely organized group of surfers and other beach-area denizens that he co-founded in the early 1960s — a crew whose logo was an abstract rendering of a mushroom cloud and whose name became synonymous with “huge beer orgies.”

If a name has to become synonymous with something, that’s not bad. I hope readers have many seasonal Jack Macphersons, or Mac Meda Destruction Companies, planned for the coming month.

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  1. 1  wittgenstein  December 1, 2006, 5:08 pm 

    I’m confused. Are these orgies in which only massive jars of beer can participate? What do they do? Clink handles suggestively?

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