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I was going to post my review of the new Murakami novel, but the Guardian hasn’t printed it today. In the meantime, perhaps not as few as zero readers will be happy to learn that the search-terms leading hapless seekers-after-truth to during the month of May are now in, which at least allows me to offer you the following poem, assembled according to the usual rules (plus the new rule that the poem’s title itself must also be hivemind-generated material). This example is shorter but arguably more compressed and potent in its imagery. The spirit of the internet, it seems, finds new creative energy in the spring.


Casting dispersion

Man is a falling being. Discuss…

Is Islam a terrorist relegion?
Why is flooding so dangerous?
Is carbon good for you?

Norwegian sheep watching TV,
Growing strange plants in the office.

Haiku by Alistair Campbell:

Britney limo shot:
theology of contempt;
simulated crowds.

English prose and ethical insincerity.

Frank Luntz’s hair —
                sexed up.
Notorious Republicans
(Cheney is pure evil;
Jacques Derrida garbage).

How to overthrow your fascist regime
(planet Melanie Philips Cheney dwarf):
I love Mussolini!
                      I love Zizek!

Dessert weapons,
Hippo culling,
Purple rain.

Fuckers and non-fuckers,
is euphony legitimate?

Blair’s resignation speech:
He led his regiment from behind
(you know we don’t do body counts).

Do you mean to insinuate that I should tolerate such diabolical nonsense?


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  1. 1  Lee  June 5, 2007, 7:22 am 

    I’ve also started collecting search terms for my blog to wax poetic but discovered that a good number of them are unspeakable.

    An artist friend is doing a series of paintings based on search results for keywords like ‘gingerbread house’.

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