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Unspeak in Iraq

Anthony Shadid in the New York Times on the politics behind a term that is often thrown around loosely:

Seven years after the United States-led invasion, and three years after the leader it overthrew was executed, a question in Iraq remains unanswered: Who is a Baathist? The term is as malleable as it is incendiary, and the quandary it represents has underlined the growing dispute over the credibility of Iraq’s parliamentary elections in March […]

To many Sunni Arabs […] it is a catchall term employed to disenfranchise them. This month, it has become the fig leaf, critics say, for a brazen campaign of score-settling that has reopened sectarian wounds and thrown into question the legitimacy of the March 7 vote.

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  1. 1  Josh Johnson  January 24, 2010, 4:38 pm 

    The problem is that whilst many Iraqi’s want a democratic government, the extremist minority sabotage it at any chance they can get

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